Hello. Since I can't seem to get eve people who love me to make the drive, here are some images and some answers.


LP stands for large painting. SP stands for small painting. RP stands for round painting. The first part of the hyphenated number is the year of production, the second is the order the work received its title, which is also its signature or catalog number. Alex Webster composed the ruthlessly objective texts that accompany some of the blog posts. Thank you, Alex. I am reluctant to attach titles that insist the viewer take the work in a certain way, and struggle to reveal my own thoughts about them for the same reason, but nicknames or subtitles suggested by people who have occasion to observe these over time can be discovered in various blog posts also.

One idea is to take what is beyond comprehension, and try to work it out visually, as if the answers to impossible questions can be found by attending to observable processes and accumulated details. Mathematicians try to find things like the shape of the universe or the meaning of life this way.

The symbol of a circle. Black paintings and their place in the history of art. There's much more to be said. 

RP 13-1, 2013, acrylic on canvas, 105 cm diameter